Vintage 2024 got off to an early start across the WA vineyards, with fruit arriving at the winery several weeks earlier than in previous years.

The weather has been hot and dry with little rain, resulting in an early harvest. Fruit ripeness has been exceptional and the quality looks great for 2024, with a surprisingly balanced acidity for such a hot year.

It is too early to know the final outcome of this year's Cabernet, but we anticipate more freshness and a strong, fuller, darker fruit character that will allow wines to age long into the future.

We are thrilled with the wines we have been able to produce and, as part of our "precision" approach to winemaking, we think we have harvested our grapes at the correct time to bring you stellar wines from 2024!

- Eddie McDougall, Founder, CEO & Group Oenologist

April 10, 2024 — Kyle Oosterberg