Special Projects

The Flying Winemaker is no ordinary wine company and will leave no fruit on the vines when it comes to spreading the good news about wine. By investing in creative business ideas and supporting in community projects, the company accesses new opportunities to showcase its brands and expertise.

“Wine is social glue. We will continue to use it to bring together the people behind influential businesses, non-profit organisations and support those communities that need help.”

Eddie McDougall, Founder, CEO & Group Oenologist

TV Series

The Flying Winemaker’s travel and lifestyle series premiered in 2014 to over 350 million people across the globe. Broadcast and distribution partners include Discovery Channel, Netflix, ABC Australia, iTunes, Google Play and Drinks TV.

Educational E-Book

Understanding and appreciating the world of wine is complicated and more often than not, intimidating. The wine team at The Flying Winemaker have created an easy-to-read E book with lots of smartly designed infographics that covers all the need-to-know aspects of viticulture, winemaking and evaluation.

Rosé Revolution

Since 2010 The Flying Winemaker has been championing rosé wine through the Rosé
Revolution festival. With a focus on bringing the category to the limelight by educating the
everyday Asian consumer, the festival travells to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and

Collaboration Brands

The Urban Project was born in 2011. The Flying Winemaker led the way by producing the city’s first award winning wine from grapes grown in world famous wine regions. Each wine within the range was named in celebration of Hong Kong’s historical transport modes and landmarks; Sampan, Rickshaw, Kai Tak and Old Peak Road.

Asian Wine Review

With a growing number of vineyards being planted throughout Asia, The Flying Winemaker in 2016 published the world’s most comprehensive guide to wines made in the region. The Asian Wine Review offers professional wine reviews, regional statistics and up to date information on winemaking and viticultural trends in region.

CSR & Corporate Partnerships

Since 2010 The Flying Winemaker has supported and partnered up with a variety of charities, non-profit organisations and businesses. No matter if it’s generous wine donation to a charity auction or having Eddie McDougall invited as a guest presenter for a major product launch, The Flying Winemaker loves to collaborate with great people and community-minded businesses.

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